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yeah. im just gonna switch Christmas, because everyone pretty much knows about that... so we got our new house in on Monday! yay! BUT the doors weren't the right sizes. also I have made it to 400 ar points. my goal is 500, but I don't know if I am going o make it. my new computer is so awesome! I am on it RIGHT NOW typing this. yeah, its a school night and it already 9:50, but hey. one time I stayed up until 12 and was just fine the next day. not that im going to stay up that late now but... today, I made a thing about WW2 in class for no good reason. I was just bored and tired of reading, so I wrote. now I am makin a series about different things in history. right now, I have micosoft word opened up and am writing about the Revolutionary War. so yeah... I think that it.