Couponing at Target


IF you decide these rules aren't for you, you disagree with them etc, please quietly leave the group. No exit speeches are needed, we are free to run our group as we like it. No need to cause drama if you disagree.

On to the RULES:

In order to keep this page moving smoothly and productively there must be rules. It is very important that you take a moment to read and agree:

We use files in this group for the more common questions like Cartwheel, Mobile Coupons, and What are the Deals (to name a few) to help keep a clean feel to the page. Please click on the files tab at the top if on a computer, or on the group picture if mobile prior to creating a post. All hauls posted must include a complete breakdown with all coupons used and the number of coupons used, as well as ones that follow Target's coupon policy and the wording on the coupon.

Any misuse of a coupon will be deleted with out notice. This includes breakdowns and any discussion of misuse in the comments. We understand that there are many people who are new to the couponing world and we will do our best to lead you in the right direction. However, we do not want the misuse of coupons being repeated. *PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE read your coupons. If a coupon states: "One per customer" you may only use ONE per customer. If a coupon states: "Four per day" you may ONLY use FOUR per day etc. This also includes the Target policy of only using FOUR like coupons per HOUSEHOLD, per day.

We have *ZERO* tolerance for bullying and harassment, of any kind. We take name calling seriously. You can politely disagree. You can KINDLY inform a member that they may have used a coupon wrong, however, please realize there are many new couponers. Please be kind and polite with your words. Bashing an admin will likely get you removed. Contact an admin if you need help or assistance. If you see abuse, report the post and we will take care of it.