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6th December 2013
It is important as Kenyans that we cordially respect the role of our founding fathers; the people who suffered and even passed on while serving this country; the heroes of this nation; people who placed their personal ambitions aside and prioritized national interest. With this, we shall harvest blessing from them and also from the Almighty God.
Any sober minded Kenyan will assert positive on the role played by H.E. Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi during his 24 years rule. We cannot skip Moi when writing the history of this country. We have recently witnessed gestures that are bound to be interpreted as abuse to Mzee. What is the implication for instance when we change the naming of Moi Sports Kasarani to Safaricom Stadium? Should we change the name of a person or a place to that of the sponsor? If so, how many times have you changed yours to numerous people that have stood with you? Have our institutions changed names to suit her daily sponsors? We tried this to Nyayo Stadium and it failed during Kibaki era. I definitely want to categorically put it without fear that the move sends signals of mistreatment to a national leader who worked dedicatively and tirelessly in seeing this nation to where it is. It was also captured recently in media when a former president blamed Moi for economic atrocities. Kenyans can also remember the tribulation that Mzee went through in 2002 in public. Which culture are we cultivating? It is good that Moi asked for forgiveness and also he forgave us. Any one is bound to receive curses when he fails to respect the elders as the scripture says: Ex:20:12: Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee.
H. E. Daniel T. Arap Moi deserves respect as he rests in retirement. He did a great and commendle work during his 24 years rule. He left legacy that remains un- deleted even to the future generation. May the Almighty God grand him longer life.
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