8 Out Of 10 Mums....

A group for parents/carers/aunties/uncles/nans/grandads/grandmas/grandpas/nonnas/nonnos/grandpops/papas etc that endorses "mum recommended" places to take the kids....with the added bonus of tips for making a fun day out achievable on a limited spend. Post on this site if you have been somewhere that you were impressed with generally, thought it was well worth the money, have any money saving tips (ie....can you take your own picnic/snacks? Is there anything you would recommend taking? (Bikes, scooters...etc). Is it cheaper after a certain time?? Is there an event going on near you that others may like??
Please try to state what age groups you think would be interested in the activity/place.
Lets build up a site with an encyclopaedic list of cost effective fun things to do with the kiddie winks.....because happy tired children means an early bedtime. Lol

Please see the How to use 8 out of 10 mums and the rules document found in files.