Trusted eBay and facebook sellers for wedding related items!

Firstly this IS NOT a selling site neither is it a site for sellers to upload their own pages :))) Thought we'd set a group up for people to show their wedding related eBay and Facebook purchase's and to share the sellers they've used. We want to show others that not everyone on eBay sells shabby items nor are all sellers on facebook scammers so please forward us your stunning purchases :)
There are far too many selling site already and it defeats the whole object of the group by advertising your own business
If someone is asking for items you may post your work/page ON that thread but that is all!

If you do not like the only rule then please feel free to remove yourself as continuos posters/spammers WILL be removed without warning.

The admins are me Ami Ismanyckyj and Krystal Roach