Pilates Questions Forum

This is a forum for Pilates teachers to ask and answer questions. The purpose of this forum is to get real answers to the easy as well as hard questions that should be asked about any methodology. The expectation is that you have back up for any answers that are definitive, either through, articles, clinical experience, or first hand knowledge of what someone else said. If you do not like to be asked to back up your claims then it would be best to not comment here. Opinions should be stated as such and it is still considered good form to be able provide information that helped you develop that opinion of possible.

When questioning or answering please be nice, civil, and not mean, no attacks on a person, their family, or friends will be acceptable. We are adults and please act as such. That being said we are all very passionate about pilates so I am sure that there will be heated and maybe even confrontational exchanges between certain individuals but as long as the guideline above are followed I believe we will all learn much from dialogue that is not censured and makes us all think and learn something we may not have known before the discussion started.