Muscoda Hover-in's

We hold two events a year in Muscoda. They are typically the second weekend of June and August. The Wisconsin River is a perfect river for any outdoor activity, but it is particularly good for hovercrafting. The river has a navigable channel for a few brave boaters, but much of the river is extremely shallow and the numerous sand bars are constantly changing the river bottom. This of course is no problem for a hovercraft! The Wisconsin River also offers some of the most beautiful scenery in the state. The river cuts through a large section known as the "driftless area." This part of the Midwest escaped the bulldozer like effects of glaciers during the last glacial period. This means all of the natural rolling hills and bluffs still exist along this 80 mile stretch of the river. Muscoda is located right in the middle
of this stretch of river. You can head up river to the last dam on the Wisconsin River in Sauk City or head down river and meet up with the Mississippi River in Prairie du Chien.
There is rarely a shortage of sandbars to go swimming, throw a ball for the dog, or just relax and soak up some sun. By the August event it seems like there is more sand than water in many areas. If you need some shade there are many narrow back channels that curve through the woods, but ultimately connect back with the main channel.
Most of the people arrive by Friday night and camp at the campground on site. You can also camp on a sandbar, but we suggest staying at the campground because it’s always a great time. Saturday we typically head 25 miles upriver to Wisconsin Riverside Resort in Spring Green for lunch. Saturday evening when everyone is back we hold a pot luck dinner. Nothing formal is scheduled for Sunday, but we usually go on a short cruise before people start packing up camp.
Camping reservations can be made or more information on the events can be found at