Susan's Creative Ideas For Flowers & ARTS Photos etc.

Anything about flowers or plants that you can make into an arts or w/ post editing! Like what I am doing! Or just ordinary plants & flowers that you want to show -off! CRAFTY stuff too & ideas! It doesn't matter if it's fr: your friends but you have to give credit to their own Photo! Please post some FIGURINES, BRIC-BRAC & other WALL DECOR! fr: anywhere as long as you OWN it or fr; A friend's credits!
Pls I am adding some FOODS or everyday meal you Cooked or FRUITS & some flower ARRANGING! for everyone who LIKES to POST!
Thanks! Everyone

P.S. this group are allowed to have a jokes in the photo your posting if you want to! But only to a certain {
DEGREE} jokes comment! Keep posting