YM Jackson Heights Neighbor Net

Long week at school or work? Bored at home or tired of the same old everyday?

A bunch of us in the Jackson Heights and surrounding areas feel the same way and decided we needed to have a nice time set aside for just relaxing and having a good time with friends.

Since Young Muslims have different youth groups and meets in other locations in New York City, we decided we wanted one in our area as well. Instead of having to go to other peoples neighborhoods, we can meet at a central location and have fun, whilst keeping everything halal :)

We want to do all kinds of things from sports such as basketball, football, dodgeball to awesome family games like Uno, Life, Monopoly, Resistance, Chess, and for those who want to make their brains go haywire, the Chinese version of Chess, Go!

But we want to go further and have real awesome experiences from canoeing and boat riding to rock climbing to Shakespeare in the Park. We can go sightseeing or plan trips to Museums or go on a planned biking route.