iTunes trespassing tech infesting viral quantum demon c***s!

ITunes infested my computer like a rabid dog with the shits on a farmers land, even since being shot in the head and uninstalled 3 months ago (because of lording over everything even when not the default setting) They haven't quite taken away birdsong... but what happened to the simple pleasures in life that should at least be accessible if not free? Punished for introducing your own music to their library, unable to make copies that will play ect. Not only does their software pick and choose when and if you can play tracks as well as in what illogical derranged order to play albums, that then have to be recompiled in playlists one by one, but keeps on doing it even after uninstallation, with dj programs and alike. Not to mention how difficult it is to label your own tracks that Itunes won't identify (due to their own mediocre mainstream collection inevitably not having what most enlightened music listeners want, and therefore not recognising tracks) Sure, if I shell out for the mac computer, phone, ipod and tablet it will run like a dream, only a couple of grand to pluck out my anus then! I hate these people, and hope they all get as ill as it makes me when I try to listen/mix music with their purposely evil backwards compatible crap, I swear I can feel my cells dividing!!! Who's with me?!