Amador Ammo & Gun Trader

A place for you to post anything gun or shooting related. Ammo, reloading supplies, guns and gun parts, as well as the deals that everyone are finding. Amador County has needed a page like this for a long time. Please share and welcome to the group!

The Rules:
• Posts need to be related to firearms, ammo, firearm/ammo accessories and the like, whether it is a personal sale or an online deal. This is not the place to sell your couch or advertise a yard sale.
• Please delete your post if you sell your item(s) or the deal you posted is done and gone. This will help keep the page clean and clear of clutter.
• If you create multiple posts for the same thing/item, ALL OF THEM will be removed.
• Posts will be deleted one-month after the last post (activity).
• You can "bump" your post once per 24-hour period.
• There will be no auction-style or best-offer only ads.
• If you are selling something, there must be a price listed or the ad will be deleted.

* Disclaimer *
ALL sales must be done in accordance with any and all Local, State and Federal laws. Buyers and sellers assume any and all risks in any transaction.