FistShark Marketing Focus Group

"FistShark Marketing: Opening a window of opportunity for Blue Sky thinkers to throw themselves out of."
~Stephen Rawlings

Welcome to the Focus Group. You have been selected to help guide Jim Sterling, Conrad Zimmerman, and Caitlin Cooke as they develop market strategies for today's hottest stars! This group follows in the proud tradition of the Podtoid and Followers of the Dismal Jesters podcast groups before it.
On second thought, "proud" may be the wrong word here.
The same rules apply to this group as to the old ones. Be nice and humane. Don't try to spam every thread just to get attention and derail conversations. Any harassment will get you banned. We all realize that a lot of the group humor derives from the former podcast's faux-harassment, but we all know where the fucking line is. If someone asks you to stop and you persist, fuck right off. Discussion is good, being shitty to someone and purposely starting a fight is not. Discretion is left up to the admins on the issue of things being taken too far. I don't think most of us need to be scolded, you know what's cool and what isn't. The extent of your right to swing your fists ends at another person's face.
Shameless self-promotion of creative work is encouraged here under the tag #ExposeYourself. Traditionally, exposing oneself is done on Tuesdays. But as creativity cares not for manmade constrictions like days of the week, it is perfectly okay to share anytime.
And lastly, some good news! The group has come out of Early Access and is now a full product of FistShark Marketing! You are all now for sale! Congratulations on becoming monetized!
-All the best
the FistShark Stockholders