Bangtan University (Official)

First and foremost. Welcome everyone and thankyou for joining the group.
This group is made especially for our 7 beloved boys. Please do post things about them.
Rules and Regulations:
Please follow these simple rules.
1. Post things only related to BANGTAN [BTS] Boys
2. When posting please use ENGLISH because we have students here from different countries.
3. Don’t bash your co-armies just because they’re saying something about your bias.
4. When a HATER\BASHER is in the group please act mature. Just report them to the admins. We will take control.
5. Don’t post things UNRALATED to our boys.
6. If you’re going to post a picture please use your SECTION TAGS. Example [Jimin Section] so that we will know who’s the most active section
7. Be active. Don’t be a GHOST MEMBER.
8. Don’t cuss.
9. Don’t say inappropriate words. You should know how to behave.
10. If you’re troubled please seek guidance to our GUIDANCE COUNCILOR. Or if he’s not available just chat any admins.
11. If you’re going to post news about bangtan. First make sure that you have the approval of the admins. Secondly make sure that its LEGIT. Don’t post things you’re not sure of.
12. Every section will be having GC’s [Group Chat] please make sure you talk about your bias not UNECESSARY THINGS. Group Chat is made for you to talk things that’s yes but please DON’T USE YOUR GC’s to talk behind someone. GC is not DESIGNED TO BACKSTABB each other.
13. In every activity your SECTION ADVISER will choose one student to co-operate with the said activity. Everyone in the section should play. No BUTS.
14. Help each other. If someone is troubled DON’T IGNORE them.
15. Enjoy your stay here.
16. There will be deductions.
Activity Rules:
1. In every activities, your teacher will choose randomly the student who will participate in our quizzes, games … Sometimes, it will depend on the quizzes or games if she will choose 2 or more participants. Sometimes, it will be one student.
2. In answering the question you need to put your section junction. It is important because it will represent your section. If you answered the question but forgot to put your section junction. We will not count your answer\s.
3. In every activity the students that aren’t chosen will help their representative. You can say your answer in your GC’s.
4. You can’t edit or delete your answers. Your first answer\s the one that will be counted.
5. Our activities will be pinned post so that every participants can see it.
That’s all thankyou.
Section Junctions:
Jin puts it like this [SEOK JIN]
Jhope (HO SEOK)
Suga {YOON-GI}
Rapmon ^NAMJOON^
Jimin #JIMIN
Taehyung *TAEHYUNG*
Jungkook @JUNGKOOK

For the INTERNATIONAL Students:
If you’re having a problem please consult any of the admins. We’ll gladly talk to you.

-Head Teacher