Xbox 360 BAWS playas group

Welcome to the Xbox360 BAWS playas only followers group. We are a multi platform community and welcome ALL gamers regardless of our name. This is here for you guys. You can post gaming news and content, arrange games, share gaming tips or just chat among yourselves. Content should be gaming related although we are a social community so non gaming, group related posts are fine within reason. All we ask is watch your language and be respectful of others. If you are selling/ advertising something please approach a administrator first before posting. The group also recently voted to stop posts asking for free trials and so on. Be sure to note we encourage a clean, friendly and mature community, this means no offensive sexual content, nude pics, posts regarding drug use, religion, discrimination or that may affect copyright such as hacking or advertising/ sharing access to dodgy sites etc. If you're unsure about your post please ask a admin BEFORE posting.
Ok enough about the rules, lets have some fun. Why not to say hi and introduce yourselves comment below your Xbox/PS GT and which games your currently playing and/or a little about your gaming likes.
So, yeah welcome and enjoy ^_^ ~ BAWS Team.

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