Online Marketers Study Group

This group is different! Take Note!

The purpose of this study group is to discuss books and resources for personal development and business success. Any member can post with a resource (book, audio, YouTube video) for discussion.

DO NOT POST ADS HERE, or place links in your posts. You will be removed from the group immediately.

You can recommend or review a book, share what you got out of the book or audio, see who else has read or listened to it, and give a rating as to the value of the resource for helping you grow your business.

Conversations in the comments area are encouraged and, if you meet someone here that you'd like to know, feel free to connect.

If you have an affiliate link for a book, it's OK to post it, but don't use this group for spamming your links.

You MAY post questions, bring up topics for discussion, share insights, and inquire about best practices or how to handle situations.

You MAY NOT place ads, or pitch your skills or your companies with your links or videos. That activity will still be reserved for the Files section, which very few of you have taken advantage of yet.

Consider the Files section to be the place where we store all of our Business and Personal Profiles. And keep your profiles up-to-date!