M.S.S.N Kabala West/Ugwan Mazu District

Yesterday, I attended a janazah of one of the big shuyukh, may Allah accept him.
After we buried him, and whilst I was walking back to the car, I was really moved by reading the names on the graves of those who passed away, men and women, young and old..
Some died in their 70s, 40s, 20s and many youth..
All of them, went to a very similar hole in the ground.. Their grave..
And all have been questioned about what they have done in their lives..
Some of them have been in their graves for days, others for months, but the vast majority have been there for many many year..
One thing I can tell you is that they wish they can say astaghfirullah,or they wish they can recite Quran, or pray even one rakaah!
We are so lucky, we still alive.. Think about it.
Plz remember them in your duaas, they really need it.