Aurora, Colorado - Sterling Hills/Seven Hills Online Yard Sale

MUST BE LOCAL (Aurora/Metro Denver) TO JOIN - This group targets Aurora, CO - Online group created for the more northern parts of Aurora to SE Aurora where you can buy, sell, trade all that clutter that you keeping meaning to have a yard sale for. If you're anything like me that just never seems to happen, so here y'all go, sell one at a time and get a little bit o' cash in your pocket. Or buy that gently used item to add to your household without paying the full retail price! BONUS! Anyhoo... all I ask is that you be respectful and professional, we get enough drama in the rest of our lives lets leave that behind. Have fun, be funny, make friends and most of all BUY/SELL/TRADE away! Advertising for your small business is welcome on Wednesday onky. Spread the word my FB friends!