American BBW date younger african's

DATING ROOM for bbws and the men that.
love them... ..
1. No disrespect ing the women or the men
2. No lewd disrespect ful remarks even if the
picture being shown is in sexual nature
3. No "add me" "add me baby" "add me dam
girl your ass big" "add me add me add me"
"add me I'm in Fb jail" "add me even though
I'm millions of miles away" or any other
variation of l add me" or "request me"
4. No nudity, this is not a sex group.
5. Again respect, respect, respect.
6.If I find out you married, I will kick you out ,i
Will not have ppl to be toyed with, this is a
dating room
7. If you have another group, ask me before
you advertise
Its Polite.
Thank you and enjoy yourselves . Blessings
from jah....
Rules will be enforced, you will be kicked out
on probation or permanentl y ban by the
discretion of me or the other admins...