Stallions Tested for: HERDA, HYPP, GBED, PSSM, and MH.

This group was created to make it a little easier for mare owners to find stallions who have been tested for genetic diseases. The stallions posted DO NOT have to be negative for the diseases, but DO have to be tested for at least HERDA, GBED, PSSM, and HYPP (if applicable)

1. All Stallions posted must have been tested for at least PSSM, HERDA, GBED, and HYPP if stallion goes back to the stallion Impressive.

2. Any and all of a stallion's test results may be posted on her (OLWS, SW1/2/3, etc as well as color testing)

3. Stallions DO NOT have to be negative to post here.

4. Be kind, curteous, and respectful of EVERYONE!

5. There will be NO CRITICISM of Stallions who are positive for any test!

6. Only stallion owners or managers can list a stallions test results.

7. DO NOT post questions asking of this stallion or that stallions status on any disease! If the stallion is not posted here or elsewhere with his results, you need to go directly to the owner, manager, or stallion station the stallion where the stallion stands.

8. YOU MUST LIST STALLIONS TEST RESULTS IN EACH POST! If he is 5-panel negative, that is all you need to post, but if he is a carrier of one of the diseases, you need to put that in post. Example: HERDA, PSSM, MH, GBED negative. HYPP N/H. If you do not post results, I will ask you to post them. If it is not corrected Ina reasonable amount of time, I will delete the ad.

9. D not repost same stallion over and over and over. This makes it difficult for people to see all the stallions on the page. Post one ad and bump it to keep it fresh. If you do post a new ad, please go back and delete older posts.

Rules will be added to as necessary