EBOLA VIRUS DISEASE [EVD] group platform is where people can read the articles posted, or choose to engage with others, a place that would facilitate conversations through networking while creating/re-enforcing existing ideas, encouraging the appropriate action and supporting positive solutions [within international human rights] to this global issue we are facing,...together as a society.

Through my journalistic investigations, conversation and intelligence collected in Accra, Ghana I learned of our many challenges, on October 1st 2014 the UN announced we only have 60 days to get 70 percent of the Ebola victims isolated and into treatment units (that’s approximately 7000 needed beds in place by December 1st) as well as have 70 percent of the dead safely buried. If we do not meet this deadline the virus will continue to infect people and threaten the rest of the world. It will spread exponentially overwhelming our collective international response.

There is no easy solution with this crisis the CDC, MSF and World Health Organization warned everyone for months that this virus was out of control. They didn't have proper supplies and resources to contain the outbreak because airlines flights had been suspended. There are 1.1 Billion people living throughout the 55 nations on the African continent, that are depending on our collaborated international response.

This virus is going to take months to fully contain, costing billions of dollars in resources (will severely impact their economy) and kill thousand's of innocent people. We have this ONE CHANCE to save many lives, to save all of humanity and avoid an uncontrollable (catastrophic) WORLDWIDE PANDEMIC.

The ONLY way to stop the disease is by focusing on the source, isolating/treating the sick, monitoring those who have been in direct contact with them and burying the dead.

We desperately ask for everyone's commitment on all levels of our society, working together. If you're a Doctor, Nurse, Pediatrician, EMT, Paramedic, missionary, scientist, epidemiologist, virologist or work in emergency services please get involve (have your passport current) There are groups and organizations offering volunteer and paid positions. Preferably qualified personnel that have disaster relief, high stress or mass casualty experience though there are thousands of opportunities, please apply.

Soon there will be mass quantities of vaccine's as preliminary test that have already proven successful. The international community will continue to provide humanitarian aid, security, medical assistance and educate the West Africa population on a global level throughout this crisis. Please get involved, share this on Facebook or social media, e-mail this to your friends, our world leaders and politicians... You can make a difference, your opinion is encouraged, comments are welcomed, be a part of the solution!!

These statement and opinion expressed are those of my own, Alekz Londos