The following is a role description for persons assigned to follow, echo, drive traffic to pages and event, bring awareness and represent Mount Tabor in our social network’s SMS on Facebook Phone text, Twitter during live events, services and on Streaming Faith. This group responsibility will include Sunday services and all live broadcasted events.

Role Description:

Be online in to monitor all comments and conversations during and post events.

Participate in conversation to steer in right direction.

Diffuse any negative comments or statements as it relates to the ministry.

Record or take note of any notable comments and member (positive or negative).

Echo and support strong comments coming from Bishop Ellis sermon and support persons making similar claims on twitter, Phone SMS and Facebook.

Acknowledge and respond to post that warrant comments – e.g. General questions, comments or request.

Promote events that would be featured on Streaming Faith, Virtual Church posted on Facebook.

Use all and emerging technology to promote the ministry’s agenda.