everything free or for sale or make me an offer in the USA

This group is for buying and selling items in the USA :) most of all the items are located in Lewis county ny but can always be from anywhere in the USA so make sure you always ask the rules of this group are no spamming and this is a drama free group so any drama please leave it at home any problems contact me Aden knight or lauri Buckingham you may bump you're items up to 4 times a day what bumping does is brings you're items to the top of the page it also lets me know that you still are trying to sell you're items and they are still available to the public because I don't have to keep asking if there's no activities with you're items and there sitting at the bottom and I don't know if there still available I will have to delete theme if this happens and you still have the items or item you can repost at any point also buyer's are responsible to pick up items its not the sellers that are responsible to drop off you're items to you but its up to the sellers please have fun on this group and post and buy