East Ridge Neighborhood Watch

This Group is to alert all citizens in East Ridge of suspicious activity, persons and vehicles. Please post all crimes from your streets, neighborhoods and businesses to help rid our city of these criminals.

The purpose of the East Ridge Neighborhood Watch is to reduce crime in our community. This involves reporting specific incidents you have witnessed or suspicious activities that a reasonable person would report to the police department. Its main mission is crime deterrence and community assisted policing. Crime is committed by a person not a business. While certain businesses can attract criminal elements, the crime itself is committed by an individual and not the business. Over the past several weeks, I have posted repeated requests to restrict personal attacks, opinions, and conjectures to the point where I have to intervene unnecessarily because the posting are out of control and they are damaging to the group and its goals. The attacks on the ERPD, AIM Center, unkempt houses/buildings, and Superior Creek lodge are few examples of many postings that have consumed our valuable time.

For this group to be successful it is imperative that we have the support and backing of the ERPD, City Counsel and our local businesses. Included in this should be all of our citizens. We do not want to become a posting platform for moral attacks on individuals, businesses, political differences, and city code issues.

I personally have vested many hours in this program. My goal is to prevent crime in East Ridge. I will continue to educate and provide information on services available to satisfy the needs of the Watch. I am not capable of fixing every issue that arises in our City. You each need to ask yourselves what actions are reasonable and what appropriate behavior is. You can address issues on your own and as a group to address the problems in your area. For this group to be successful it will take teamwork from all of you. The problems in East Ridge did not take place overnight and will not be resolved overnight.

If we cannot sustain appropriate behavior and responsible facebook etiquette, I will be inclined to sensor comments posted that I feel are harmful to this group and other members. Freedom of speech is a right, however, I make this final request that we limit postings to crime only and if you must exercise your freedom of speech to please do so in the appropriate forum and/or your own personal FB page. The ER Neighborhood Watch will not participate in discrimination in any form albeit, religious, race, political, physical/mental disabilities, etc.

I work 40 hours a week, have family, and loved ones that also need my attention. I am dedicated to the maintenance of this Watch group and will continue to do as long as the goal is to deter crime.

Thank you for your understanding and I am looking for a newer positive forum that can achieve the goals I have discussed.