chiefland fl area mommies

Thanks for the add! I will introduce myself. I am a 39 year old Native Texan who went to college in Tulsa. Married to a Canadian for almost 16 years. We lived in the Caribbean and South America for years before living in South Florida and now we are here in Chiefland. We are going on four years living here. Other than my coworkers, I have not met a lot of friends here. I love small towns but know that unless you were born and raised, it can be hard to meet new people! I am a first time Mom with an almost 8 week old baby boy. We live on a small farm between Manatee Springs and Fowlers Bluff with horses, dogs, chickens, a duck and we raise a steer or two every couple of years. I love to garden and hope to add an alpaca or two to our "zoo" in the near future. wink emoticon I love all things beach, sailing, surfing and am a scuba divemaster. I like crafting, although I am not very good at it! I like the local festivals and going to the museums in Gainesville. I am also a self proclaimed foodie but don't get to try new places to eat near as much as I would like to. I am pretty opened minded and hope to make some new mommy friends and establish some friends for my son when he is older. Hope everyone has a Happy Holiday!