Hairless Dog Lovers

Welcome, To all Hairless dog breed lovers.

We welcome all the Hairless breeds, Rescues, Hybrids, Mixes, Purebreds, Show and Pet Quality or just lovers of the Hairless Breeds. Where all dogs are celebrated!! This is a judgment free group.

We would like to request that ENGLISH be the general language to be used for all our members to understand and communicate with each other. Cursing, fowl language and personal attacks on people and/or any of the animals in this group will not be tolerated and members making themselves guilty of this behavior WILL be deleted as well as banned from the group.

Administrators are: Aimee Weeks Blanco, Lori Boyd Elrod, William Elrod, Alison Crumpton, Debbie Kirkpatrick, Carol Martz, Debbie Janoe, Brenda Pruett baker,