GS Utah Troop 57

I wanted to take a few minutes to thank everyone that helps to m...ake our troop awesome! Each of us volunteers our time to make sure that Girl Scouts is a good experience for the girls. Throughout the year you see something you either enjoy doing or see a place where you would like to try to help let me or any one know. We always welcome help and suggestions. Also if you ever have questions or concerns about anything please don't hesitate to ask one of us. Also if you need help getting your girls to or from scouts please let us know and we will try to figure something out.

-Amy, Troop Leader

Junior Leaders: Char Goodwin Amanda Stratton
Brownie Leaders: Amy Lynn Kloes Stacie Chadwick
Daisy Leader: Korie Ann Snyder Nelson

Secretary: Robin Cottingham Holcombe
Cookies: Julie Dortzbach
Communications Manager: Maggie Contreras-Miller
Field Trip Organizer: Jamie Lynn Sanders
Party Organizer: Jamie Lynn Sanders Maggie Contreras-Miller