Ithaca College Class of 1993 - 20 Year Reunion Weekend

Do any of these things bring back memories?

Egbert Dining Hall & Shepard's Pie
Textor 101
The Bomb Shelter
TJ Tuesdays - "Dime Drafts & Snaggletooth"
American Pie
The Chanticleer
Fall Creek House
No Open Container on Campus (Freshman Year)
State Diner
National Champs - Football, Woman's Soccer & Wrestling
Buttermilk & Taughannock Falls
Did Rorry Rothman know you by name?

If so, you probably graduated in 1993! Hard to believe it has been twenty years since jumping in the fountain!

Our crew has been getting together nearly every year the last twenty. Who else is going? Let others know your plans and please forward this along!