Everest College Students #supportgroup

Everest Canada Leadership Team – UPDATE & CALL TO ACTION – March 10 – 3:00 p.m. Hello Everest Team, As you know, we have worked so purposefully over the last few weeks to hold a unified powerful voice, we have wanted to respectfully support those working with us, while confidently laying out the very real issues and concerns at hand in a professional manner with government representatives, the media and the public in general. You have been incredibly restrained while we wait, and have remained focused on the hope and belief that we are being heard and discussions between a buyer, the MTCU, the Superintendent and the Trustee are moving forward. While this is still the case, we need to take action on a new level. We have all been patient, but now, with our professionalism firmly in tact… it is time to reach out to those at a higher level, who can move this forward at a more rapid pace. By logging our valid and timely concerns to the Ombudsman, using their official complaint process, we are hoping to drive an answer forth. It is time we all got back to school and to work and to our lives. We have given the time and space necessary for those decision-makers to review and assess and come to terms with a plan for a solution. We ask you now to reach out with us. Below is the messaging that may assist you in crafting your complaint and expressing our collective concerns, but of course you will have your own position to relay. Below also is the contact and complaint procedure for the Ombudsman. Please let us know if there is any way that we can assist you or if you have any questions. We thank you for all the trust you have put in us thus far. We have done our very best to communicate what would serve the greater goal to re-open Everest doors… now, we hope you join us in this movement forward to be heard as well. You have our utmost respect. May our issues be heard, our questions answered and a solution for all be presented quickly. Key Messages / Issues to Address in the Form in the 6 Spaces for Information they have outlined. These are to help you only, as you share your position and the position of Everest as a whole. Of course your wording and your opinion is what matters most. 1. Complaint is with the Ministry of Training College and Universities
2. (If you have reached out to the MTCU, via email or calls to have your questions answered then share here)
3. Give the Details of Your Issue with dates:
o Feb 19th – MTCU arrived at all 14 Everest campuses and abruptly halted all classes / placements / programs and announced that Everest College license was suspended
o Feb 20th – Corinthian Colleges declared bankruptcy protection
o Feb 21 – March 10th – The MTCU has claimed they are supporting students through the process. Thus far there has been a Q&A, TCAF forms sent forth to fill out and email communications, but the MTCU website has been down for two days. (Share your personal concerns with regard to MTCU support in as much detail as possible).
o There has been no information with regard to specific timelines, when we will get back to school / work and we are in a holding pattern it seems.
o Share your specific challenges with regard to the wait being imposed / the inability for you to transfer schools or if there are no schools in your area to attend or other college options available to you / your being told you cannot work to support yourself or your family, while you are waiting or you will be in violation of the TCAF requirements and not be eligible for funding / the financial strain and what it has meant to your physical and mental health. And any other details that are challenging you at this time while you are in limbo for an answer.
o You are aware that there is a buyer, as was announced by the MTCU to the media, that has put forth a proposal to purchase Everest Canada, and implore them to act quickly in moving this solution forward. It is the only solution that serves all of the students and staff of Everest and seems the most viable resolution.
o At the very least, you would like acknowledgment – of where things stand, where they are in the process and a timeframe for how and when they will truly support the students and their families that are now at the mercy of the MTCU.
4. Talks about what steps you have taken to try to resolve the issues – rallies / letters to MPPs / any contact you may have had with media, government officials etc… Be specific to show your consorted efforts to date. You can speak to your individual situation and to our collective efforts (450-person rally in Toronto – rallies across the province for 14 days straight – online support groups to help one another through this time and raise awareness for the issues of all students and staff, reaching out to the media and conducting interviews etc…)
5. Here you can ask for action and reiterate that while you have been rallying for answers and support, there has been no viable solution put forth to date and you are well aware that the students, staff and families of Everest Canada are in need of immediate answers. And the answer that serves all of the Everest staff and students is to move forward with the sale to the buyer and have Everest Canada’s door re-opened.
6. If the matter is urgent to you (as for so many it is) … tell specifically why. Here is the direct link to the online general complaint page for Ontario Ombudsman. https://ombudsman.on.ca/Make-a-Co…/Complaint-Submission.aspx Additional contact details and printable complaint form. Telephone
Our complaints staff are available 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. You may also leave a voice message outside of office hours.
Toll-free (inside Ontario only): 1-800-263-1830
Outside Ontario: 416-586-3300
TTY(teletypewriter): 1-866-411-4211
Please be aware that your call may be recorded for accuracy, quality assurance and training purposes.
[email protected]
416-586-3485 Mail:
Office of the Ombudsman of Ontario
Bell Trinity Square
483 Bay Street, 10th Floor, South Tower
Toronto, ON
M5G 2C9 In person:
An appointment is recommended for in-person (walk-in) complaints. Please call 1-800-263-1830 to schedule an appointment.
The office is located at 483 Bay Street, (Bell Trinity Square, 10th Floor, South Tower), Toronto.
Office hours are from Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.