Oakley Pinoy

Welcome to Oakley Pinoy

all members MUST read and follow our House rules

You can Share, trade, buy and sell your Oakley Collections. Any Oakley related items are very much WELCOME!


*you can post items for checking authenticity,
*always label your post whether for SHARE or FOR sale
*practice SOP for selling items, we want every deal to be hassle free for both buyer and seller side
-ACTUAL picture
-contact details

*share, trade, buy
*Replacement lenses / aftermarket lenses are also welcome (not all of us have a deep pockets)

Don't s:
*no OT selling as much as possible/Posting NON Oakley related Products (Remember: OAKLEY GROUP!)
*FAKE/Class A, AAA, 1:1 (if for LC, we will accept it but if label is for sale we will delete it and will give you first warning)
*NO non Filipino MEMBER as much as possible (Oakley Pinoy)

*please limit you bump/up once every 24 hours only to avoid traffic and also to give way to the other seller post after you.

WARNING: max of 3 offense. we will be respectful enough to send warnings via PM as much as we can.

Buyers with issues on sellers (and vice versa): please work things out with each other first before posting such issues in respect to the seller/buyer side. we're not perfect and the good thing to do about it is to accept the fact and straighten your problems out! if it doesn't work then you can contact admin and we will do what we can to reach out.

I think that's pretty much it! admins please add or edit post for anything you want to add to keep our group in order and organized.

once again welcome and enjoy your stay!

---> paki up nlng after basahin para mabasa ng ibang members<---