East Coast Coin Buy/sell/trade

Have Coins for sale.? Sell them here.. Certain coins you need.? Buy them here.. Or if you prefer the good old fashioned barter system.,? Post your Coin collection wants and needs here.
It is 100% against group policy to block, or have an administrator blocked..
also, in an auction setting, it is not fair to have another member blocked, because neither one of you can see each others bids..
I don't mind a plug for another Facebook coin group every now and then, (but don't take advantage of it) but no plugs for ads on Craigslist or EBay auctions..
We absolutely will not tolerate bashing or degrading of another members post..
if you don't have a positive comment,or any interest in item.. move on. Negative comments on posts will not be tolerated..
revision to rules..
when posting buy it now posts, please post an asking price, you can also add a "obo" option, but please have a starting point. This will eliminate issues and drama when a low offer is put on the table.. at least with a starting price, everyone knows a general idea of where offers should be..

Auction Rules

Auction will run from 8:00 pm Wednesday night - 10:00 pm Thursday night Eastern Standard time.. You can start posting your items as early as Wednesday evening @8:00 Pm
please limit your auctions to (7)
Please list Starting price, bidding increments, shipping costs, and payment options..
shipping with tracking is a must... (for both parties protection).
Let's make this fun, keep bidding increments $5.00 and below..and minimum
.50 bids
This is not EBay,, No Sniping, if you are gonna place last minute bids, please be a bidder prior to 10 minutes before auction ending.
We are all Adults here, please act like it.. Have Fun..
No bid retractions..
If you win an auction, and don't finish transaction, you will be removed from group..
Please limit yourself to only 3 bumps of your items
Additional rules may follow..
Any bids after 9:59.59 are void..
I am adding this to the auction rules, after an auction ends, communication between buyer and seller must be made within 72 hours. Transactions must me fully complete within 10 days. That should be sufficient time to complete a deal.. sometimes, unusual circumstances arise, these curcumstances, must be brought to administrations attention to prevent further action..
New Rule.. When using PayPal for your transactions, PayPal goods and services is the way to go.. PayPal gift, or Friends/Family is not an option. You are not allowed to request your buyers to pay PayPal Gift/Friends or Family.. This rule is for your protection..
The $5.00 max bid rule still applies, however, we have made a couple changes to it..
$5.00 max bids, up to $50.00. Once an item reaches $50.00, max bid will jump to $10.00.
If item reaches $100.00, max bid rule will no longer apply to this auction..