West Virginia Poultry and Farm Swaps.

This group is to allow all animal lovers to buy, sell or trade their fowl, goats and other animal they have….
In order to keep this group family suitable there are a few exceptions.
1. Nothing adult related allowed. If you are uncertain if your item is adult or not please contact me with a description before posting it to the group.
2. I ask that there be no disrespect or insults about sellers or their animals…We are all grown-ups here so please fill free to act like one !!!! If you can’t act like an adult then I will treat you like a child and you will be asked to leave this group….This is a great forum to be able to buy, sale or trade your animals so PLEASE treat it with respect(and the other people on the site) ….
It's also the sellers responsibility to sell the best product they can no sick animals, the breed advertised. right sex, Etc. Also it is the buyers responsibility to make sure they ask for references, ask to see there other stock, there hutches, pens, coops and such to insure that they are getting they best product that they can get.
3. Once you buy something it is yours. Look it over if it don't look good don't buy it. If you have problems pm the seller don't post it for everyone to see
4. Items may be posted up to twice weekly -please no spamming! Please look for your post before adding a new one to keep clutter down.
5. All posts should have the following format in the subject line: STATE & CITY: FOR SALE/WANTED/TRADE - ITEM OR PET . It helps the buyer to make a good decision and keeps the seller from a lot of the same questions….
6. No "looking for free animals". This is to prevent flippers as well as animals being in homes that are cruel.
I hope everyone can sell, buy or trade some great items!
Thank you ….