Mommy's Yard Sale (Polaris/Westerville/Worthington)



This is a site strictly for baby and children's items. Any other items posted that don't fit that criteria will be deleted...there are NUMEROUS groups for all of your other items you'd like to sell- if you are interested in those sites, let me and know and I will post some links for you :)

This group is designed for people who live in the polaris, westerville or worthington area. If you don't live in these areas, it is still okay to join, sell and purchase, but you MUST be willing to travel to any of the three to meet the buyer or seller.

COURTESY: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, any times you are selling, make sure they are clean/presentable. I promise you no buyer wants to spend money on an item, drive to pick it up and then be disappointed with it's in person condition. It's just something nice, and will make your item easier to sell as it will bevmore appealing in pictures

CROSS POSTING: PLEASE WAIT 24 HOURS. It's rude to post an item on various pages and have 4 different people who all commented first on each page. It's not fair, and people who don't abide by that will be deleted.

All items MUST be listed with photos

CARSEATS are not to be posted on this site, as they expire and there is no way of telling if they have ever been involved in an accident, and opened formula will NOT be allowed, it expires also and poses a big safety risk. If you wouldn't buy it for your own child in terms of quality or safety, please don't post it.

If you have multiple items you are selling, please put them in an album, so it is easier for you to delete them once they are sold, and for the buyer to find them.

No pyramid schemes are to be posted on this site. They will be deleted instantly.

No posts for personal errand running is allowed as it poses a safety risk for both parties involved.

No auctions for live animals, illegal items or firearms are allowed.

As always, be cautious and careful. Use your judgement- and be FRIENDLY! The best sales are from nice people, AND when someone has a good experience from you, they are likely to buy from you again.

Have FUN and please remember, the safety of the buyers, sellers and children is the main priority!