Food Exchange PEI

Food Exchange PEI is a Facebook place where, those farmers and gardeners with excess produce or food, can connect with those in need of healthy fresh good produce and food.

In a 2013 national survey of children's nutritional standings, PEI's children were among the worst off in the country. New research has indicated that there are approximately 15,000 people on PEI facing some form of food insecurity.

The Food Exchange is one effort to attempt to change that by connecting farmers and gardeners who have excess crops for gleaning to those families facing food insecurity.

Gleaning is a tradition whereby those without the means to produce or buy their own food are granted access to the farmers' fields post harvest to "glean" the remaining crops for their own food.

We also offer free monthly workshops open to the public on gardening, food production, storage and preservation. We aim to reintroduce the basics of food production, preparation and storage to the public so that no one in PEI is without the means to feed themselves.

PEI is a fertile garden. Yet we have one of the worst levels of food security in Canada. Let's make change!

Please check out our website and fill out the contact form to become a member and start something growing in your own community. We are looking for individuals to become leaders in their own community and create a network of local Food Exchanges across the Island.