European Film Shooters

This group was created as a place to share information and photos between active film photographers in Europe who either shoot film regularly or are moving in that direction... Whatever information on film, shooting film and growing as a film shooter you’d like to share feel free. Discussions and photographs should be focussed on film. There are plenty of other places to learn and share your digital photography. Add as many film shooters as you want and share as freely as you like but this group is made private to protect free sharing. If you request to join the group please bear in mind that the admins can only see your public FB information...if we can't see enough to be able to determine that you meet the entry criteria (for example, we can't see where you are based or whether you shoot film) your request may be declined, so please message ahead to one of us if this applies to you.

In terms of rules we ask

1. That 'respect' is shown as everyone deserves that. If an admin observes or receives a complaint about disrespectful, impolite, bullying, confrontational or any other disruptive or unpleasant behaviour then that member may be removed from the group. Let's all be nice to one another and have fun :-)

2. Please leave all petty arguments or drama at the door.

3. This is a private group and that privacy is to be respected as per rule 1, so the disclosure of posted views or comments outside the page won't be tolerated.

4. Please offer constructive criticism on images only when specifically asked for by the poster.

5. Please contribute. If it is felt that a member is only in the group for self-promotion but does not otherwise comment, support or contribute to discussions then that member may be removed.