Delrio Electronics (phones,laptops.ipads..etc.)

This page is intended for sales and trading in ELECTRONICS items ONLY .

AS A SELLER: When selling items please be CLEAN and TRUTHFUL about the item you are selling. ALWAYS point out even the littlest details on an item. I.E.: small tears, cracks, missing parts.. etc.

AS A BUYER: PLEASE keep your word when buying an item, do not stand the seller up!! you would not like it done to you. If you do not wish to purchase the item anymore let them know you are going to pass rather than ignore them.

Meet at your own risk and always double check your purchase, we are not responsible for anything that might happen when you choose to meet up with someone!!

ABSOLUTELY NO DRAMA, please. You won't automatically be removed, but you will be given a warning. IF you have any concerns about a buyer or seller please contact one of the administrators through a personal message.

Treat each others with the same RESPECT you would like in return.

Have fun!! Happy buying and selling to all . ♥