AZ SHOES (Size Swap, Buy, Sell or Trade)

This group is for the ARIZONA sneakerheads out here who are in need of buying kicks, selling their kicks, trading their kicks, or swapping sizes.


No more writing "Taking Offers" because we all dislike that.

No more writing "Testing Waters" because you know what your shoes are worth, and you know what trades you want.

When posting don't forget to write the Size, Price, Flaws, Condition, Location, and if you're willing to deliver, meet, or have them picked up only.

Provide as many pictures as possible for others when posting. Because don't you like it when sellers post many pictures?

Clarify whether you have the OG box or a replacement.

Do NOT post items that aren't shoes or shoe related UNLESS you state you are willing to trade for shoes. And make sure to state which size(s) you are willing to trade for.

It is OK to post shoelaces, hats, jerseys, sneaker related shirts, or other shoe items/accessories. These all go well with shoes. So this is the reason I will allow them as long as it doesn't get out of hand.

I want the majority of the posts to be shoes like it has been recently and in the past.