Tell City folk

Come on in, sit a spell, enjoy some southern sweet tea or ice cold fruit punch.

Anyone who was born and raised in or currently lives , or has ever lived in the surrounding area (a 25 mile radius) of Tell City, come on in and git ya some.

I need to inform folks though, I am only able to accept invites if I have access to a desk top. Strangely, I'm unable to accept any requests via my cell. So, it may take a week. All I ask of ya, is be patient, Have a nice visit. Stop in anytime, and have a safe trip, via the net, back to wherever your home is. Thanks a bunch. :)

"G" Rated Postings and photo's are allowed and encouraged. However, I will not allow Profanity of any nature. If it's not allowed in God's house, it's not allowed here. I do have youngster's who view my page. Also, if you want to post something for sale, no matter what it is, please do it elsewhere. There are plenty of groups sites you may do this type of activity, just not here. Thank you!