Oregon Glocks buy/sell/trade

Welcome all, thanks for joining!!! Post your Glocks and related items buy/sell/trade...forum..show n tell...if someone has an item for sale or trade you can post a picture of your non Glock trade in comments only...for any buy/sell on here are Glocks and related items only! All posts must have your location and your price included. I started this group for Glock enthusiasts to have a place to buy and sell Glocks and Glock accessories at a fair and reasonable price. I would like to to build a group of friends who share the same love an interest in Glocks. If any members of this group have a problem with a post or a member please pm me as I am the only Admin and I will deal with it as quickly as I can. Please do not report posts to Facebook first without giving me a chance to handle it. Please invite your friends to join. Thanks