New Clinton County Online Garage Sale Take 2!

All new members will have to be approved by an admin. If there is a problem here, Use the "report to admin" tab. or Pm one of the admins. Nothing is to be posted here that is deemed illegal. Post items you ACTUALLY HAVE. NO PRANKS
Group rules ( basics)
1. Please post a price/picture if available/and location "city & state (not address). Only give address for pickup thru pm's for safety.

2. If you are cross posting, please say that in the post so others will know there may be some interest on another site.

3. Please don't post make offers unless you say what you are expecting with OBO. Fills up the page too quickly.

4. If you see something that you think the price is too high, please do not leave nasty comments. Just move on and remember , it may be your post next time.

5. If you have a deal set. Do not accept/ give payment untill you are sure it is working/ complete or as you believe it should be. Only meet in public areas whenever possible for safety.

6. Try to make copies of all messages on both sides of a deal, so you have something to show in case something goes terribly wrong.

7. NOTHING ILLEGAL to be posted here.

8. Limit your posts to 5 or less or Bumps each 24 hour period

9) If your interested in a item you must comment on the item (asking a question or possible int. does not put you in line). placing int. in the comment section puts you "in line".

10) you only have 2 hours to decide if you want it..If the first person passes on the item it then goes to the next person in line.

11 If someone is tagged by another person the person tagged must put int. on the item to be consider in-line. If you are the winner It is your responsibility to contact the seller for pick up through a "pm" on fb, within 2 hours. It is NOT the sellers responsibility to contact you, unless to supply information asked for.

12) If you put interested on an item you have 2 hrs to make arrangements for pick up or the seller may go to the next person in line, in other words if interested you should know right away not 24 hours from then.

13) If you have a item for sale start your own post...DO NOT comment on another members post that you have something similar.

14) Once your item has sold please REMOVE your post. To remove your post hover your mouse over the right side of the post and a delete option will show up. *To find your item easily search for your name*if you have a problem please contact an admin, but there isn't any thing that can be done legally done here. Everyone here should be grown-ups and honest.
15) If you post an item on other groups also. State that in the post so no drama starts.
16) If a seller has a set price on an item and has a buyer lined up at a set time and place for pick up, There will be no getting higher offers , and trying to get the buyer to pay a higher price with the threat of losing it to the higher bidder. If caught doing this the seller will be banned.