West London Then and Now!

Welcome to WEST LONDON Then and Now, all members are requested to read the following:
This group is for sharing stories, pictures and videos of their time spent growing up, living in, or even just visiting West London. The main thing is, share memories and have a good craic with old and new friends. We want this to be a fun group and any posts which may cause disagreements because of different views, will be removed. So, please remember that political posts are best posted onto your own walls and NOT in this group.

NO BLOCKING ADMIN. If you block Admin then, beware, admin will then block you and you will be removed from the group.
NO personal detrimental comments, bullying or hurtful intimidating remarks, nor harassment upon other members is acceptable.
NO racist, stereotyping of groups of people, political, homophobic, sexist comments or bad language is permitted, and bigotry or derogatory Religious comments or postings are not acceptable.
NO advertising of any kind.
NO provocative, offensive, abusive or sexually inappropriate pictures or videos.
If you experience any problems with inappropriate contact by another member, or a post that has caused offence please let one of the Admin know asap so that the matter can be dealt with. Other than that …… go for it and have some fun!
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