5Rhythms Calgary Every Tuesday at 7:30pm

"Doing the 5Rhythms is about waking up to your most essential nature. Stretching your intuition and imagination as surely as your body. It’s a formless form, one that expands your range of physical and emotional expression and introduces you to forgotten parts of your psyche. It awakens intuitive intelligence and artistic sensibilities. Working out should be inspiring, not just riding some bicycle while reading People magazine. Working out should be like having a conversation with your body and spirit; it should be personal, intimate, and holy, not boring and painfully repetitive.

Instead of pumping iron, I dance. Not ballet, not modern, but a different kind of dance. The 5Rhythms of flowing, staccato, chaos lyrical and stillness are patterns of movement which anyone can do everyday as a spiritual practice, a workout for body and soul. It does not matter what your body structure is or your age or experience." Gabrielle Roth

They are waiting for you to discover them and unleash their magic.

In this class we will learn to move mindfully through the rhythms of flowing, staccato, chaos, lyrical and stillness. This practice helps us balance the mind, body and emotions. This is an exploration of internal body rhythms and a method of tuning into nature’s dance. We use eclectic music and various movement exercises to explore vibrations and unlock physical creativity. This is not a practice of learning dance steps. It is a practice of freeing ourselves and letting go. We will break through our usual physical patterns, examine human interaction and find stillness within our own unique movement. This life-transforming practice is suitable for anyone over 16 and all levels of physical fitness. It will also support whatever practice you are exploring now, or offer a strong start to self-exploration. No previous experience is necessary.


5Rhythms Class–Riding the Waves--Every Tuesday 7:30pm-9:30 pm in the Central United Church Gym 131 7th Ave SW Calgary (alleyway entrance in the back)