The 5-Minute Meditation Group

This is a focused & power-filled 5 minute online community meditation that takes place every Sunday from 12 noon till 12:05 p.m. US Mountain Time.

At 12:05 p.m., many of us continue our meditation to include intentions for Rain/Snow (Where It's Needed), Balance & Nourishment for All Beings.

This online group has been gathering together on the inner planes since June 2013 to hold intentions for the well-being of all our relations.

INTENTIONS for Gratitude, Kindness & Interbeing

We hold an intent to expand our practice of and capacity for GRATITUDE in all of its dimensions and expressions.

By focusing on what works and what is nourishing in our lives, we prepare the ground for kindness. Focusing on gratitude helps us to grow-up and see that there is abundance and beauty in this world, if we just open our awareness to perceive them.

We hold an intent to practice KINDNESS to ourselves and others. By practicing kindness to ourselves (starting with accepting that we are imperfect and vulnerable human beings), we naturally expand that kindness to others. Kindness does not exclude personal accountability for our thoughts, actions and words, nor does it exclude other people's accountability for their words and actions.

We hold an intent to cultivate an awareness of INTERBEING. Interbeing is a word coined by the Buddhist teacher Thich Nhat Hanh to express the interconnectedness of all beings. By recognizing the reality of our interbeingness, we hold an intent for balance, nourishment and well-being for all beings (plant, mineral, animal, humans) throughout space and time.

There are ways in which we have harmed the planet and ourselves AND we have the ability to repair this harm.

Finally, we hold an intent to return to love, cooperation and respect as the guiding principles of our lives here on this blessed Earth.

INTENTIONS for Rain/Snow (Where it is Needed, Balance & Nourishment for All Beings)

When it comes to petitioning the powers and worlds of Spirit to assist us in our world of human concerns, I feel it is very important to assume an attitude of respect and humility.

We are not God. We/I do not know if what is in the best interest of "all beings" is rain, snow, drought, etc. My personal policy when alerting the spirit world of my hopes and concerns is to do so in a way that is not entitled or self-serving, and THEN to be in a place of gratitude and acceptance of what is offered.

For those of us for whom the additional intentions "Rain/Snow (Where It Is Needed), Balance & Nourishment" feel relevant, please add five-minutes to the usual 12 noon meditation on Sundays, specifically for precipitation where it is *needed*.

Please join us and invite your friends, wherever you are.