5 Minutes in the Sky...

Life is full of small portions of happiness randomly proportioned, and sprinkled on your day like icing on a cake.

This movement (group) is an opportunity to grap another small portion of happiness, on a cloudy day, by paying attention and realizing that life is beautiful !

What to do:

1. Everyday, no matter where you are, or what you are doing – Take five minutes of your time to simply stop, look up at the sky and appreciate the beautiful cloud formations in all their glory !

2. When you realize what great impact, this small exercise has on your everyday quest for happiness, you may decide to take some pictures and share them with us ! And yes…you are welcome ! :)

3. AND Then... you're also welcome to add all your friends to this group :)
‘Cause this opportunity is too good, not to share.

Peace, Love and namaste

Ps. please note,

1: The perspective must be clouds, but pictures does not have to be exclusively clouds.

2. This group is for sharing our OWN pictures of our personal experiences. so take a picture - You can do it! :) And We would love to see it ! :)

3: No photographer skills is required. If you wanna edit you picture before you post it - you are welcome! But keep in mind (although we love Photoshop) this group is not about sharing cool manipulated pictures - the 5 minutes is like a small mindfulness exercise for you to enjoy outside, for free, every day! Yay! and then share it with us in form of a picture ! :) Thank you...