5 Month Weight Loss Challenge

Welcome to the 5 Month Weight Loss Challenge Facebook Group. This page was created for those who would like to lose weight, encourage others, motivate, share recipes, workout photos, quotes, etc.

Why 5 months? This was personal for me, but now, healthy eating and exercise has become part of my lifestyle. Initially I committed to 5 months, which then escalated to more.

If you can commit to 5 months, I believe you are in for the long haul.

------------------------------What should you post to the group?----------------------------

1. Post your before photos and later post an after photo showing progress.
2. Post your workouts.
3. Post some healthy recipes.
4. Post your success story.
5. Post your weight loss goals.
6. Post pictures of anything motivational or quotes.

**ATTENTION PLEASE READ***If you SHARE photos from your personal facebook page instead of posting to the group, others in the group WILL NOT be able to view the photo, unless you change the setting to public or they are already on your friends list.. PLEASE CHANGE THE SETTINGS TO PUBLIC WHEN SHARING. It takes away the validity of the group. Others will see a message that says " attachment not available". Thanks for your cooperation..******************************

Please do not ask for medical advice or meal plans.

Please do not post material irrelevant to the purpose of this group. Always respect others and the opinions of others. Derogatory posts will be deleted.

Privacy-This group is a closed forum which means the group page can be searched by anyone, but only members see posts.
If you have any issues with a specific post that is made to this page, please contact one of the admins in a private message so the issue can be addressed appropriately.


Hope you enjoy this 5 month journey that becomes a lifestyle change.