Iranian American Computer Scientists and Engineers

To foster a strong network of Iranian-Americans in the related areas to Computer Science and Engineering, in a collaborative attempt, this group aims at promoting the community of students and professionals via producing informative content, supporting regular meetups and facilitating career opportunities.

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Group Rules:
- Stay on topic: irrelevant, personal or low-quality contents may not be approved.
- Respect others.
- Cite sources in your discussions.
- Be patient; new posts may be approved with a delay due to the limit on the number of posts.
For a more elaborate set of group rules, please see “CSE-Facebook Group Rules” in the Files tab above.


We aim to empower both university students and professionals in their skills, achievements, and career. If you are a student or just graduated or a professional that has ever felt the need to be informed about the opportunities and positions in the academia and companies, wished to learn about other peers experiences to develop your research ideas, build up your career, and improve your career this community is where you can find that kind of support.