Wake County Online Thrift Shop Junkie: Buy, Sell & Trade

A place for Wake County locals to sell virtually ANYTHING. It could be an item or a service. Just started the site on 7/25/2014....so search through your garage, closets and sheds. Let's make this a chock full site of goodies, odds and ends. Get rid of that clutter and make some money!

Very few rules...Let's keep it simple and respectful.
1. Picture, location, price must be in all ads.
2. Delete the item after it is sold.
3. No pet ads
We as sellers are not obligated to hold anything for anyone. However. It is a good faith effort to allow someone 2 hours to reply and get things moving.


Key: ppu = porch pick up.....
wtb=want to buy -
interested - another expression to buy
poms = Posted in Multiple Sites
next = If for reason the person who is expresses interest in buying the item/service decides not to..you are next in line.
iso= in search of
bump= repost (must wait 24 hours to repost)

Please follow the rules!!!

You may contact Kimberly or Suzanne for any clarification.