Parksville/Qualicum Dinner Club

Hi Everyone, Welcome to the group! Please feel free to add or invite any of your friends. As you all know this group is born out of an innocent question I asked on the Parksville Swap/Trade/Share group regarding any new restaurants in the Parksville Qualicum area that I hadn't heard of. 70 comments later I realized how blessed we are to live in such a thriving community, with so many who are eager to support local businesses. Hence, I suggest we get together monthly at a restaurant we elect together - starting with the newer ones in the area and perhaps then progressing to ones that people haven't yet visited and would like to try out. A couple questions have come up - are we going to review the restaurants? Is this the appropriate forum for reviews? What do we do if we have many restaurant owners in this group who might feel slighted or want to draw traffic to their businesses? So here is where I stand on these issues, and of course I open the floor for discussion as well as further questions. For me the sole intention of these gatherings is to 1. Experience new places 2. Help drive more traffic to local businesses 3. Get to know more like minded people in our community. As such I do not think this is the appropriate forum for written reviews. I feel, if people do have poor experiences at places its best to take them to tripadvisor, or google+ and perhaps clear and open communication with the business owner is best. I am sure the business owner would appreciate the opportunity to provide feedback to their staff as well as discuss the issue. Regarding restaurateurs joining the club, lets face it, they are often the most passionate about food and I say - the more the merrier! Of course it goes without saying that we will endeavor to visit as many places as possible before the excitement fizzles out - and as long as we are all respectful of each other then I don't see why we shouldn't allow restaurant owners in the group. So here are my two cents - what think you?
Once we've gotten everything hashed out I'll post a list of the top recommended restaurants that came out of the original question I asked and we can all take a vote on where to begin our culinary adventures!