This group has been created as a drama free zone for loved ones of incarcerated individuals to talk freely about concerns, issues and feelings.
Start drama you will be removed.
No discussion will include anything illegal
No revealing inmate id numbers
Not a pen pal site so do not ask to post
Although this group is monitored we have to be cautious as no way of knowing if CO'S pretend to be someone they aren't simply to ascertain information.
No selling anything on this page.
We are all adults and the admins are not here to babysit you as though it were romper room.
Admins are Danielle Pinelli, Anna Nava , Kelsey Casto Rodgers , Heidi Williams, Sharon Harden and Cathi Singledecker.
We are here to support each other not to tear each other apart. This group is secret you must be a member to view it. Any member may request to add someone to the group but must be approved by admin.