Once Upon A Dream

RULES: Please read them.....
Once Upon A Dream is a group where you can come and post, share, have fun and have a pleasant atmosphere about your reborns.
The word "Pleasant" is to be kind to everyone in the group.
This group accepts only one personal account per person. Anyone who is caught using multiple accounts in the group will be banned. This does not apply to nursery accounts. It applies only to personal accounts.
For instance you cannot post as Jane Doe and John Doe in this group. You must pick one and stick to that account only.
All artists are welcome. We ask that if you post a reborn for sale or trade which is in your possession, a safety picture must be posted as the first picture in your post. You may however have multiple pictures in your post. If you have more than three we suggest you start an album.
A safety picture should have an identifying paper or card in it which states the following information: Name of seller or trader, name of baby, your location, date you took the picture, and the price with shipping costs. To save time it needs to be a clear picture with legible writing or print.
Safety pictures do not apply to artists who have a good standing with the group already, and have a reputable nursery page to which they can provide a link in the post.
Thanks for reading, and have fun!
Please remark as READ THE RULES when you are welcomed into this group.
Thank You and have a pleasant stay.