Global Village English: US+UK+International SLANGLISH and VERNACULAR. ;)

A warm welcome to all newcomers. :)) Before you begin participating, kindly please read the following rules.
if you wish to stay in this group, you MUST follow these rules. Those who contravene or ignore them may NO MORE THAN THREE warnings.
After which they will be permanently removed from the group, and will not be readmitted. The rules are designed to raise group standards, are good for your English, and are non negotiable. THE Global Village
TEN COMMANDMENTS. 1) No sms abbreviations or lazy spellings are permitted. Such as: "coz, cos, u, ur b4 bcoz,
Also wanna, gimme, gotta are NOT allowed.
SPELL ALL WORDS PROPERLY AND IN FULL. 2) You MUST use a CAPITAL for the first letter of every sentence. Also a capital for names, days of the week, months, places, and the pronoun "I". 3)Use a FULL STOP/PERIOD at the end of every sentence. 4) You may NOT post information that you have cut and pasted from another website and represent it as your own.
That is academically unethical, is a form of cheating and is actually a serious criminal offence.
So if you google an answer you will need to reference your work and tell us where you found the information. 5) We promote good, understandable English. Jargon, slang, swearing and other localisms are not welcome. 6) Posts MUST be made only in English.
HOWEVER Words like 'Thank you' / 'Hello' and use of borrowed words from another language are quite acceptable. 7) This group is an English class and is NOT a place to discuss religion and politics 8) Tolerance and respect towards one another's differences are a MUST. 9) Any and all posts trying to spam the group, in another language, or in any other way disrespectful with the group rules, will be automatically deleted. 10) You are particularly obliged to respect privacy and words from the founding teacher and school headmaster Mark Hurlin-Shelton; the senior teachers, and vice heads Ms.Marla Louise ,Mr John Hill, Walid Boureghda, Mr Don Liston, and any other teacher prefect or administrator.